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New Tools & Enhancements

New Tools
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The all new Unify CMS offers direct response professionals a faster and more efficient way to create fully functional high converting eCommerce funnels with no coding experience. With even more powerful tools than before, combined with improvements to our existing features, Unify CMS offers a compelling full-service package for entrepreneurs to start their funnel empire!

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New Features
Integrated Domain Registration

Integrated Domain Registration

Register a new domain directly from Unify CMS. With our GoDaddy and Namecheap integration, you can register domains from the world's leading registrars.

Funnel Creation Wizard

Funnel Creation Wizard

We’ll walk you through the entire funnel setup process step-by-step. You can get multiple funnels up and running in no time!

Built-In Fraud Protection

Built-In Fraud Protection

Protect your direct response landing pages/funnels from malicious spam, attacks, and false identities with our built-in security features.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager

We’ve made it easy to track, manage and integrate affiliate partners across multiple funnels and landing pages.

Centralized Pixel Manager

Centralized Pixel Manager

Keep track of multiple tracking and analytic pixels across various funnels. Integrate, manage, and consolidate all in one place.

2 Seconds or Less Page Load

2 Seconds or Less Page Load

Achieve blazing fast pages with the right setup when you use the newly optimized Unify CMS for your ecommerce campaigns and funnels.

Features You Know and Love

We’ve made sure to keep the features the way they are, but with tweaks and optimizations!

Unify CMS has multiple features
Advanced Funnel Editor

Advanced Funnel Editor

Create your funnel from scratch or select a prebuilt theme using our full-fledged page/sales funnel builder to help you build and customize your eCommerce funnels efficiently and quickly with the use of tokens.

Efficient Version Control

Efficient Version Control

With version control, you can easily revert to previous backups of your funnel. Unify CMS will automatically save a backup of your funnel during every deployment, allowing you to make changes without worry.

PCI Compliant Site Hosting

PCI Compliant Site Hosting

Unify CMS provides PCI Compliant hosting on demand (extra cost). Currently our supported server locations are US, AU, and UK. Additionally, you can integrate with your existing servers via FTP, WHM/cPanel, or SSH.

Drop-In Tokens & Widgets

Drop-In Tokens & Widgets

All funnels built with Unify CMS are token compatible. These handy tokens can be set in your Funnel Settings and allow you to make changes, or add functionality to your pages without having to touch any code.

External CRM or Standalone

External CRM or Standalone

You can use Unify CMS as a standalone platform with your own payment gateway. Alternatively you can directly integrate with supported CRMs such as sticky.io, Konnektive, Sublytics, Response and more.

Direct CRM Integration

Direct CRM Integration

Connect with multiple supported CRMs such as sticky.io, Konnektive CRM, Sublytics, Response CRM and more! Easily integrate your connected CRM in your funnel or landing page with a couple of clicks.

Multiple Mailbox Management

Multiple Mailbox Management

Your domains’ emails will be automatically set up in one place so you can easily manage multiple inboxes. You can also add existing email accounts to Unify CMS such as your Gmail account using IMAP/POP3.

Free Auto-Renewing SSL

Free Auto-Renewing SSL

Funnels hosted using Unify CMS’s built-in hosting have the option to renew SSL automatically. These SSL Certificates are re-encrypted every 3 months by LetsEncrypt. CloudFlare SSL is also supported.

The Most Efficient Way to
Build Your Ecommerce Business

With Unify CMS, you can build eCommerce funnels and campaigns almost effortlessly.

Talk to us if you want to get started with Unify CMS or if you have any questions!

Unify CMS

Self-Hosting Made Easy

Why should you use Unify CMS to build your landing pages instead of our competitors?

The Problem.

Why use Unify CMS?

What popular funnel builders do is charge you a subscription fee to access their platform. Without this subscription, you won’t be able to access any of the sites or pages you’ve created, and worst yet they may even remove your sites if you don’t pay their subscription fee after a period of time.

Do you want ownership and access to the funnels you’ve built? With Unify CMS you have the option to host the site over whatever you create; with other platforms…not so much.

Our Solution.

Unify CMS has some remarkable features that makes it better

We wholeheartedly believe you should have complete ownership over the funnels you create, and this is no exception for funnels we create for you. We give you the option to host your sites on your own server and it stays there; no one else has control over them.

This means that you can scale your infrastructure as much as you want without any sort of restriction or additional cost from us. You only pay for the setup cost and developer plans, with the ability to cancel at any time. We give you the freedom to make your funnels and landing pages amazing with just a few clicks.

And It’s Something Remarkable...

What you get isn’t just a simple platform. You get something that’s been used in the industry for over 4 years with all the enhancements and testing done over time by direct response marketers like yourself. We DON’T lock you into a platform with websites you don’t own. We believe you should own what you create, access what you pay for, without any restriction or additional cost.

How Unify CMS Works

Setting up your direct response campaigns in Unify CMS is rather simple. Here’s how:

Register a domain or connect existingarrow
Register a new domain or connect with an existing one

When setting up your domain, you can choose to set up with an existing domain or register a new one through our GoDaddy and Namecheap integration!

Create or import productsarrow
Create or import products for your eCommerce funnel

What’s a store without its products? Create new products or import them from your CRM. You can attach one or more products during your setup.

Configure funnel and choose a templatearrow
Configure your funnel and pick a page template

Choose from a range of themes designed to sell your products fast with just a few clicks. From there, you can customize your funnel to your liking.

Setup customer emails and deploy
Setup your customer emails and you’re ready to deploy

Our built-in autoresponder tool allows you to create email templates and manage support emails without having to leave the platform.

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